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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

We have electricity!!!!

We have switches - and plates!  
So exciting to see more changes happening in the basement.  
We are truly blessed by friendships and people with skills that are different from ours!

Soon to be future home office of MaryKay!  
You can almost imagine lots of great things coming out of this room... maybe even that beautiful Malibu!
Even a light in the bathroom closet - I'm so spoiled. :-)
more lights in the ceiling
Vents look like they've been there for forever!
Jimmy Hertel would have been impressed with the workmanship that this man did for us!  
Thanks Jaime!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

that's all for now... stay tuned for more updates!

Reading Room

So, as you look to the left, the bathroom door is open.
Just beside the door is the office chair, for now.
This 4' wall is the outside edge of the future reading room...
the 'spare oom' if we have company, which will be curtained off for privacy.

Though it is storing all kinds of miscenally at the present.
Soon it will be a quiet place for reading and enjoying good conversation.
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The "Entertainment Wall"

Sim at work taking out a closet!

scraping and preparing!

The Entertainment Wall is born!

drywall is up!
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bathroom #2



if you imagine real hard, you might be able to see a light over the sink

the reading room outer wall
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bathroom taking a more decernable shape...

the vanity

untiled shower

primed wall where the toilet will be

door in the wall -
looking in from the reading room
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A little heat never hurt anything...

heating ducts added to make it more comfy!
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