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Monday, May 11, 2009

Firehouse Field Trip

Today was the "last parent day" of Simeon's preschool adventure... we've had fun together this year...
but today was the most fun, because he interacted with other adults and asked great questions (even if I have a biased opinion!).
He wondered why there were lights on the trucks...
he answered questions about what he thought things might be for... correctly without mom prompting him!
He is a curious little guy one that is happy to explore his own world and see why things work the way they do!

I think he migt be ready for kindergarten - I hope kindergarten is ready for him!
It was a treat to enjoy the morning watching you love learning...
I love you my son.

Fireman Simeon -
I wonder if the world is ready for what you've been made for?
I wonder if I'm ready for what you've been made to do...
if I'm not, look out world, here comes Simeon!
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Hail to our Alma Mater, ... her heritage is knowledge of Christ and life anew...

Perhaps one of the most sad things about life is watching good things either come to an end, or watching good things change (and not in a way that I would choose to have them change). This spring has brought about an amazing amount of change for many that I personally know. The death of a daughter (not mine), the passing of an uncle, the passing of a dear friend, the death of a friends father, the closing and discontinuation of my undergraduate school. These things are sad, and while they too mark the passage of time, they are things that become bittersweet in memory. They make me take stock in the priorities that I deem to be important... they make me reanalyze the things that consume my time. They call to attention verses that challenge me to be part of kingdom minded things because the rest of life is temporal... and it passes like sand through an hour glass.

This past weekend, I and my family along with a lot of other people celebrated the heritage of an institution. It was much like a funeral, it was sad, it was a celebration of what God has done with the vision of a group of mortals. It was a reunion of friends, fellowship and conversations sprung up as if time had not passed long since our last conversations... we've changed... expanded in many ways (:-) most have families, some have expanded in talents, and all kinds of other physical ways... we've aged... grown more mature in our walk with Christ... lost hair... added other forms of letters behind or in front of the names we once knew each other as.

I wonder if heaven will be a grand reunion of the gathered... when we spend time - eternity - speaking of the things God. We won't need to find encouragement through words, the Word of Life will be in our midst. Ah... glorious words will be on the lips of everyone gathered. And it will be a wonder filled eternity of life together.
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Our tulips have grown up - must be spring time... because so have the kids!

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Our first "fire" for the season...

Campfire, s'mores and good friends...

a little smoke, and some snuggling makes for a good ending to a fun day

what a great way to use some of that recycled wood!
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Circle saw+hammer+sweat equity=hopeful returns on the container garden!

Our neighbor says, "what's new in the Curry garden for '09?" as she looks across the fence into our newly established container gardens. Steve and I decided to "go green" this year and recycle some free pallets to use them for a container garden. Better Homes and Garden's featured the layout in one of their issues this spring, and we thought we'd give it a "go."

Steve spent the better part of 2 days tearing apart pallets and remaking them into boxes for raised gardens. Theoretically, the yield should be better than a "normal" planted garden - we'll see!

We've got tomatoes in, and the seeds for lettuce, pickles, green beans, zucchini, and peas. We're hoping for some canteloup too! We'll keep it updated so that you can see it! We're praying for an abundant crop so that we can share with others.
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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Piano Lessons have begun at 24321!

Almost 10 years ago, I promised my love that I would teach him to play the piano. A few nights ago, this promise was begun. I gave 4 lessons... it was great fun... and the kids are still talking about their lesson. We'll see what happens next week!

Sophie at the piano...

Thomas the Train...

Our family was invited on a spur of the moment kind of thing last Sunday to see Thomas the Train at Greenfield Village. We had a great time. The kids had no idea that "Thomas" existed outside of a few video's they have seen and the trains that we have in our toy collection. It was great to see their wide eyes look even more amazed at the first site of this fun surprise.
They each got tattoo's of Thomas on their arms... which at bathtime tonight, I was instructed NOT to scrub off! :-)