The Great Adventure

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Saturday, January 17, 2009

An amazing incredible story

I should be asleep - and a few minutes ago I thought I was headed in that general direction.  However, I find myself not in bed, and wanting to update somethings tonight.  

Last night, I stayed awake with my host family (the Schumacher's) in Boston while the Doc of the house "did the wax up of my teeth" for tomorrow's surgery.  Incredibly as this may sound, I actually got to hold my new teeth in my hands two days before surgery.  This is a long story that I intend to write at another point in my life.  I may even look to have it published at some point.  But, I want to express the overwhelming gift this is to me personally - as I have never verbally (at least) expressed these feelings out loud.  Somehow God in His amazing mercy has again given me more than I could have ever dreamed of before I expressed it.  I was overwhelmed to tears, and have been feeling pretty introspective at the prospect of this journey.  

My new teeth are amazing.  :-)  I can't wait for them to get in my head!  And more, I can't wait to be able to share my pretty smile with the world. Who knew that one day I would be able to say that!   Thank you Lord, for your amazing gifts that you share.