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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A fun weekend at home!

Hillbilly Golf Current Champion!

Our toothless grin for 2010!

first kabobs on the grill!
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Carpenter project...

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Mothers Day 2010

Our flower garden has increased in color and variety.
My favorite tulip is in the bottom left corner of this collage.
My favorite children ever are pictured in this collage too...
their daddy is taking the picture!
He planted this garden so that I would be able to enjoy flowers year around!
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Tim Chartier... Friend, Mime and Mathematician

A long time family friend who is also a mime and a professor of applied mathematics visited a conference near us, so we took the family on a field trip to see Tim Chartier.  You can tell that Simeon totally enjoyed the time.  We had been listening to the Adventures of Johnathon Parks from Vision Forum... and had learned about Fibonacci Numbers... Tim taught us some more about them!  Pretty fun to tie learning into things that we find of importance in our family! 

Garden Progress - 4.19.2010

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Garden progress - 4.10.2010

my little Sophie loves the flowers almost as much as her mommy!

grape hyacinths, daffodils and early blooming tulips

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mini family adventures

When I was growing up, brother and I got to go on a lot of fun family adventures.
Little did we know that when we were "grown up" we'd get to enjoy adventures
together with our own families in places near where we adventured as kids.

Love you brother!
Your family is pretty special to us too -
even if we don't get to hug your necks as much as we should!

Jenny Brown's wedding in Mio, MI!
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Painful Family Pictures...

I wanted to share this attempt at
taking 5 people's pictures all at one time!
Thanks to my cousin Amy for trying to snap a shot of us...
I wanted to be shot myself for suggesting such a monster! 
She graciously tried at least 25 times to get all five of us smiling at the same time.
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more fun with birthday weekends!

Bemily's present arrived in the Monday mail...

"Mom, how did she know that I needed more of these?!"

Uncle Josh & Aunt 'Mara's present arrived the same day...
'Mcceldonnles' gift card + birthday = big time win!

We did it Uncle Ben!
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Simeon turns 6!

Hot Tires... are Sim's favorite for the year!

His buddy Ryan made a fun addition to the family for the evening!

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Garden progress - 3.22.10

Even though there has been little visual change,
it appears that a lot more of the tulips made it through the squirrel invasion of the fall!
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Happy Birthday Mommy!

We enjoyed the Natural History Museum at U of M
for my birthday this year.
The kids explored the various exhibits and
really had fun talking about dinosaurs...
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March's first hints of spring...

This is my favorite time of year to be reminded that
Christ makes ALL things NEW!
(it's also fun to see what the squirrels left for us)
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Math Night for our kids!

Sophie was working on making a pattern for her bracelet...

Simeon was busy making his way through a math game...
he was victorious

...borrowing some additional fingers to make his move!

...well apparently we have some work to do on understanding a pattern!
But I'm sure it will come!

Re-purposing is my way of recycling!

I found this idea on
I used a collection of 'old t-shirts' that had been retired
cut the shirts and then crocheted them together.

Finished product -

NOTE: It wears really well as a bath rug
and can be tossed into the washing machine,
then dried in the sunshine.
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Friends from the south!

We always have fun when our friends from Georgia come to visit.
They say they come to visit for the snow...
but we really know that it's for the popcorn and giggles and fun memories!

There were conversations around the popcorn bowl about eating it slowly 
so everyone could have some!
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