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Monday, December 20, 2010

Redford Theater GetAway Family Date Night!

Merry Christmas from our house to yours!
Visiting the Redford Theater
it looks like our chances of having a White Christmas are pretty good this year! 
Our wish is that you would know the true meaning of 
Christmas - 
~ Emmanuel, God with us ~

Christmas on the outside this year!

I am loved,

by a wonderful man that is willing to put up lights, even when it's REALLY cold outside!

We enjoyed working together on this project, and had lights to go on the bushes and the tree.

Sophie is standing in amazement cause she's never seen our house lit up before!
I love you Steve!
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Fall Leaf Raking

With just a few weeks to spare before the cold really set in, there was time to rake the leaves a few times. I was chastised for raking and bagging the leaves too early! I love my children!
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Renovation on State Rd

Painting in the flower room!
My parents decided to remodel parts of their home.  Since they had taken care of the cracks from the house settling, they decided that they needed to make the final repairs to the doorways.  We were able to come and help out - it was such fun to relive memories from growing up and helping with remodeling projects.
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Soccer Buddies...

Simeon in action!

my guy!

the team - the last game!

a little too close for personal space... but a great way to keep warm!
Coach naming positions

#6, just like his age and his locker!

Simeon on game day!
Simeon played soccer for the first time this year on a team.  It was a fun (busy) way to spend the fall running to practices and games.  His team was undefeated and he made at least a goal each game that they played. 

Bonfires at Grandpa's house

It was a fun fall evening when we set down to enjoy a quick bonfire before heading home.
Love you Grandpa and Grandma!
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Murder Mystery Dinner Date... October 2010

Kinza, Craig, Todd, Steve and Lori
 Friends from forever ago.  Now this time there were more children in our midst than the first time 
we had gotten together to have dinner with a script to figure out 'who-dun-it.'  
What a wonderful evening.
table is set for some action!
Craig Todd and Steve
Curry's, Dyer's, and Luchies

September - Laboring with friends up north...

One of many games we played that weekend

Touch football... Steve's team won!
great moments of conversation

Lyssa's day spa

Olivia toes

Dad spa - Sophie style!

The ONE time the sun came out that weekend!!

Einstein, just thinking about a jump in that water

Olivia on a 4-wheeler
In September we ushered in the school year with a great trip to some friends cabin. It was really cold, a precursor to the cold weather of winter now.  Steve and Sim decided to take a plunge in the water... polar bear swim.  After much game playing and laughter it was time to head home.  We are so thankful for our continued friendship with the Laitenen's!