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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

What should you do if a polar bear sits on you?

Take a picture of course!

We visited the Detroit Zoo this week to celebrate Olivia's birthday. It was a hot Michigan day and we were there when the zoo was somewhat quiet. At least enough that the kids could run ahead of us as we walked through the park. We got to see their favorite animals. The tigers and the polar bears were pretty active considering that these were the 2 that our oldest 2 chose. We got to spend a lot of time just watching (observing) the animals doing what they do best. What a great idea to go to the zoo!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

OK - Shopping alone is crazy...

I guess since this is MY blog and not really about my kids I can vent... right!
My baby brother (who's not so much baby anymore... but I remember the day he was born!) is getting married. I thought that I had the outfit all picked out, and then I talked with my sheik sister and sister-in-law... both of whom - for the record are more fashionable than I ... but hey I don't mind. Then my whole idea of what is appropriate for a wedding goes flying out the window.

So, I find a few hours today - my husband is home for a few weeks of vacation from his crazy job downtown... and I have some other things to do out and about - with no children. Wild... I know since I have 3 of them! There is hardly ever time for me to do that... without them... not that I don't love them. OK so, I'm rambling... but I understand and you will to in a minute.

I "run" into Kohl's - it's where I got the skirt last season on clearance - it's the only kind of shopping I do these days... can't wait for the day when that gets to change. I'm looking for a lime green top to match the skirt (coordinate to be precise - since there is... whatever...) find one. It makes me look like I'm more than my age by a lot... and I think... hey, it'll do... but then my better thinking kicks in and I go looking... crazy... Then God in His utter goodness and creative love for me locates this (ok - not really in the flesh God, but he points me in the right direction) really cute perfect only one left in the store type top - just what I was envisioning when I started out! But then I need foundation stuff ... like I haven't had a black bra or camisole in years... and can I find one on clearance? Oh wait, where is the clearance rack for that department... like I'll be able to find stuff that will fit me, my tiny budget... and all wrapped up to go. Can you believe that it worked out? All for $30?! Then Steve says to me, "Honey, did you have fun?!"

Yeah right... I can't remember how to shop and enjoy it anymore. I've been doing this shoestring thing for so long that I can't remember what to look for and not be unsure of myself to make it work. So, when did I get too old to enjoy shopping and looking for options and great deals ... all at the same time of being fashion conscience?! Yikes.... Too much for my poor little brain to comprehend!

I'm thankful that my shopping doesn't make the world go around. :-)

I'm 5 now!

Every year that Olivia has been with us, we've made funky cakes for her birthday. This year was no acception. We made a flip flop cake... and had a flip flop girl party. Actually we partied all weekend long. She had invited a few of her friends to a girls party that went from a bowling party to a princess tea party to a tinker bell party to a "Mommy said that she's got it all planned and no you can't change your mind any more" kind of party. All said, we had a blast.
The pictures are of (top) one of the ladies she invited... (middle) Olivia's finished "flips" (bottom) her birthday cake.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

She can fly, she can fly, she can fly...

Tonight when we went for our walk to pick up a dear lady's mail, the kids and I stopped off at the park. Steve walked on to her house with the dog and then met us back at the park.
Meanwhile, Olivia who loves to slide on the slide - since preschool... and she's pretty confident of herself - was managing the slide as well as her little brother. And had taken the slide several times very successfully. She had on a little sundress and was trying to get the skirt under her bottom to slide more efficiently! We had talked about the "how to" of getting the skirt under her, and she was working on it when she took off for the bottom.
You can probably tell where this is going already... she didn't make it to the bottom of the slide, however she did manage to do a flip in the air and land (some how) on her arm instead of her head... I let out a yell that any mother would have... Steve came running to help out. Olivia got up and was crying at this point - I'm sure because she needed too! And trying to say that she was just fine and wanted to go down the slide again... I checked for anything that would be out of place and found nothing, except for a scraped up arm with a few scratches that hardly warranted a band-aid!
Tonight she is resting fine, with a band-aid on her elbow... not that she needed it, but more that she wanted one. We are thankful that she is fine... her guardian angel was on full time duty tonight! PTL!

Our Celebration of Learning

Olivia had a great day to celebrate as she finished preschool. The year was filled with fun events and lots of learning too. She really enjoyed her teachers and the new friends that she met at school. I can't believe that my oldest is ready for kindergarten in the fall... how can that be!?

Just restin'

Simeon and his dad spent a few minutes under a shade tree... not sure which one was really restin' but they both had fun posing! We were spending the day watching some Civil War reinactments and visiting an encampment in honor of the Veterans at Greenfield Village.

So, what did you do on Memorial Day?

Sophie and I spent part of the day sharing her first carousel ride at Greenfield Village. The carousel was built in the early part of last century. What a joy to ride and feel the soft breezes from twirling to the music.

Saturday, June 9, 2007

2nd beginning

Well after much consideration, consternation, and creativity... I am entering the world of blogging somewhat verclempt! Not!
Have fun reading!