The Great Adventure

~ just one blink and its changed ~

Monday, October 20, 2008


Phew! I feel like I have been marathoning this month. Just to bring you up to speed ... pun intended!

The last day of September, unlike Ric N'Elli, we didn't purchase a new home, but we did visit an ENT to follow up with some "weird" test results for our oldest. She passed her hearing test... in an ear that hasn't worked properly since birth... and the other news of the weird was that our son didn't pass his. So away to the experts. Olivia's hearing has NOT improved with age... in fact, I am to keep some sort of sonar out for infections occurring more often than not. Simeon had (past tense) huge tonsils and adenoids as well as ears that still didn't register great hearing - so 8 days later found Steve on a rare day off and me at a hospital for outpatient surgery for our little guy. He (Simeon) is doing great - he hears much better... and is sleeping better too. :-) Olivia on the other hand has her 1st ear infection for the season... and, well, the counting has begun! Liv is ready for her new glasses, not only because the ones she has are worn out... but because the lenses need to be stronger! Sheesh!

Let's see, oh yes, Simeon has started in preschool... loves his teacher... today was his first day -- we excused his previous 2 classes last week due to recuperation time on the surgery!

Steve put in a week last week that averaged about 13 or 14 hours a day... crazy!

Just after we found out that Simeon would need tubes and tonsils taken out - I was given the opportunity to share with a group of ladies at a fall getaway day - that was amazingly fun. I get a lot of energy from leading ladies to think and pause for some time of personal reflection! My mom and Sister-in-law were able to spend the day with me too!

I have been reminded of how thankful I am for my family... all the crazy events that keep me hopping and on my toes. I have been watching my kids change from babies to little people that I love and adore. God is amazing that He shares his many blessings with us... and we are abundantly blessed.

Hope you realize how abundantly blessed you are.