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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Our Sunflower House - pt 3

No, this isn't overgrown or undermowed...
or just a lazy excuse to not take care of something...

but the future location of a sunflower house for the summer... keep watching our house take shape!

These were taken just today - by my record 8 days after the last posted pics were taken!
I can't believe how a seedling can change in that short of time!
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Happy Kindergarten Graduation my dear...

Well as promised, here are the pictures from our fun outing to celebrate Olivia's accomplishment of graduating from Kindergarten! With a thankful heart, Mrs. Pucci has seen her through this year and we are looking forward to what Olivia will do in life and in the 1st grade!
Here's a snap shot of some of her friends... actually her class was full of friends as Mrs. Pucci (below) worked to help them learn A LOT of stuff. They have worked through what I would have taught in 1 1/2 years. Many of the students are reading and doing 1st grade math already!
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Acorn Bank Breaking Sunday

These little ones are breaking Acorn Banks, a tradition of the Missionary Church that dates back to the early 1900s. We've had a lot of fun, and collected a lot of money for missionary kids' education over the years at our church... here are some of the pics from last Sunday when Simeon used the "Sledge-a-matic Jr." to smash his bank. Sophie and Olivia enjoyed the time too!

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Sweet as pie

These girls are as adorable and loving as they look!
Thanks Emma and Josie for sharing and playing with "Liv and Sopie."
We can't wait to spend time with you soon in Tennessee!

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Blowin Bubbles

We were able to surprise the Jackson Mathew's and see Grandpa and Grandma too a few days ago... what a fun time to blow bubbles and see how long we could dodge the raindrops while we visited! Cousins are tons of fun!
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When it gets this hot...

the Curry kids opt for some water fun!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Our Sunflower house

Here's an update on our house!