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Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Hello... no photos to post... but...

Steve managed to complete his last (that is until the next degree comes!) class this past weekend. He completed his "take home" final... what is that! And, several papers... he still has a few to go that are to be completed before this coming Friday! But, when all is said and done, he has NO MORE classes to sit in - or as is more the case, to be away from us! (The kids are really excited about that fact, OK and so am I!)

So - long story (2 years in the writing) short. He now knows about how to be a school principal (he'll begin filling in those experiences starting on Monday - in his new "double hat" position as interim elementary school principal / curriculum director) or an administrator. I am extremely proud of my husband's accomplishments. He is a much more talented educator than I ever was in my short experience in the classroom - and more than that... he is a much more educationally minded person.

In short - he's brilliant - and I'm married to him! Woweee! So, send him a line of congratulations if you'd like. They are in order! We'll be hosting a party of celebration sometime in the coming few weeks. So, stay posted!