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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sophie's Singer Class

Our Sophie is growing into quite the little lady. She was given "Singer Classes" for Christmas... they meet each Thursday and it's a music and movement sort of class. I got to go for the first time last week and snuck in a few pictures while they were playing with the balls and dancing to the music. The older two get to go and participate as well - even though they are a little on the "too old" side to really be in the class. It's been a lot of fun to listen to her bring home music to share with us!

Hat Day at school

The 5th grade challenged the school to participate in Hat Day
... the homework assignment was to pick a word and decorate a hat with it.
88% of the kids in Olivia's class participated. They were pretty close to winning the pizza prize.

Here is her word and her hat! What a sweet princess my girl is growing into!

Simeon's Birthday

Our big guy turned 5 this year. So, we had a party... March in Michigan is not the most predictable month for weather, but when the 5 year old says, let's play ball... there isn't much to stop the ball game. It was a very fun afternoon - complete with a little March Madness in the background and some Race Car McQueen to enjoy too!.

St. Patty's Day Fun

So, I ruined the corned beef, cabbage, potato boil.
Lesson learned: Don't skimp on the sodium for the corned beef... you miss out on the flavor! And... don't forget the Irish Soda bread!

We did enjoy the day
Next year, we're going to fly an Irish flag!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Olivia Breaks a Board!

The warm up. Practicing the form and making sure it is just right!

I did it Mom!

She finished well!
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Piano Curiosity

My parents gave me their piano when they moved to Ohio. It was the one that I learned to play on as a child.
I have had a great time taking the cobwebs out of my fingers and mind to remember how to play the music ... and I'm looking forward to the day I can teach my own to play music. Even the dog doesn't mind the "noise" too much!
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just a few more

the cafe on football night!
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More Superbowl Fun

the official photographer!
I really was watching the game... but I can't sit still without something to do with my hands...
and Yes, that is Pastor Joe in the back in a Red Wings jersey... but he really does like football - he just wanted to be "sporty" :-)
the serious gamers.
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Superbowl Fun

Most of our friends are aware that we "do" football in our family. Well, the mayhem has spread and over the years we've pulled a few more families into the fun (or mess) or boredom (?) never boring! I told Steve that this year, we've been "picking teams" for the past 10years... where does the time go? 3 Children, 4 homes, 3 cars, 1 dog and too many fish to count later... football is fun! I've come in in the final top 2 places in the past 2 years - all on my own power of reasoning and a little bit of good choosing! And, I am proud of my accomplishment. All there is on the line is bragging rights! But, from a girl who could "care less" about the game of football - there are few Sundays during the season where you won't find me watching and commenting on some parts of the games we enjoy!

So, here are some long over due pics from "our" party - the one our church hosted this year!
The Commercial's Room...
Creating a fort in the kids room!
Ping Pong Adventure
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Valentine's Day Sweetheart

Did I mention that over the years my Steven who "doesn't celebrate" Valentine's Day has managed to find a way to celebrate it in a special way just for me... and now for his children.

This year we took the kids to the DIA (Detroit Institute of Art) for a night of mask making, art viewing and Saxophone (Steve's favorite instrument) music. He stopped by the florist and picked up corsages for us ladies and a boutonniere for Simeon - and then took his family to the museum for a fun night of family love!

What a great Dad!

Steve's Birthday...

Some hot pepper fun...
and even better fun with friends are what is needed to bring in a "new year"!
So, next year - a big party - he'll be 40!
Before the party got a little too hot to handle!

Simeon the party celebrating man!

So, when Rene' (the Mexican friend) says, "It's not really hot, just a little sweet!"
that means - "Don't touch it Steve." :-)

Anyone got MILK?!

How about bread to put out the fire!