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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Our Sophie...

OK - so we figure that we are pretty competent parents - we have successfully seen 2 children past the age of let's put anything and everything into our mouths... we've not ever had to call Poison Control... that is until last night! Yep - under the watchful eyes of 4 people who know that Vicks Vapor Rub is NOT for your mouth... our Sophie successfully opened the jar and rubbed it onto her face and even tried the flavor!
The back of the stuff says not for consumption - duh! - and if it is consumed, to call Poison Control. We did... and then began the watch! She's OK today - no worse for the wear. Hopefully a little bit more wise. We are. Camphor can cause seizures or worse... and menthol can cause pneumonia like symptoms.
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This is not the face of a happy camper...

This was also not the face that greeted me on Monday after being gone all day!

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My Hero... My Husband

On Monday, while Steve was home and dealing with 3 children all day - by himself... the dryer decided to finish dying. This was very problematic because we hadn't done laundry for a week... and consequently were out of clean clothes! So... he tried to figure out what was causing the drying to NOT run... it was the timer switch (I could give you the part number...!) and it needed to be either re-aligned (it runs like a clock on the inside) or replaced. We opted for the replaced option. So, $100 later, and a quick (10 minutes top) replace... no yelling except for the victory cry I heard from the basement. Steve is my hero.
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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Happy Birthday to Emma...

We had a fun filled packed weekend that we would be remiss in not sharing if we overlooked it... and since her mommy hasn't posted birthday party paparazzi picures, I'll share mine.

Happy birthday sweet Emma... your glasses make you look so much older smarter and chic!

Another step toward independence...

Well - I made another step towards independence today... well - I didn't but Olivia did. She spent the afternoon at a friends house and I only had the phone number of where she was. Wow - I am such a worry wart. Thanks Dad for helping me step back in from the ledge of "freaked out-ness"

Now my 3 lovlies are inside my house - playing together at the table with play-dough...