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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Mile marker 1050 ... Plimoth Plantation, Plymouth MA

I have wonderful friends in this world. On the day we chose to see Plimoth Plantation (a place I have dreamed of seeing since I was a school girl) it was rainy, drizzly, and cool. assured us that there would be a respite in the weather, so we pressed on... picking up the good doctor after he'd logged some office hours... we arrived in a rain shower and it subsided a bit after lunch enough that we could explore the Wampanoag Homesite.These boys were demonstrating how to tie a fish net.

Then on to the 1627 English Village.
  • Sophie playing near a hen house that was being "mudded" - they were adding dirt, clay, dung, and straw in between the cracks of wood so that it would be able to stay dry during the rain and snow!
  • A single chamber home
  • Outdoor oven - baking for a family happened only once a week (maybe)
  • A wood mound -wood piled in a ring with extra pieces tossed into the middle and then mounded for stackability
  • Simeon feeding the goats
  • The Shepardess
  • a colonial garden

It all felt really surreal as I explored and feasted my eyes on things that my head had only imagined seeing for many years. I loved every second of it (except the ones that I was wondering wether everyone else was having as much fun as me) ... though I think that I would more easily have lived a few years forward - maybe in 1676.

Mile marker 935 ... Lexington/ Concord MA

Two patriot volunteers who led a group of people in an intriguing dialogue on why the American Revolution was such a pivotal piece in our history.
Sadly, there were many there who could not recall important parts of our history...
If a nation does not know what it stands on, how long will it take for it to fall?
It was a challenging moment for me as well as a few other of us that heard the conversation.
The kids probably don't know why in the world Mom and Dad would be interested in seeing this bridge - but one day, we'll make sure they do!
The Old North Bridge,
Concord, MA

"By the rude bridge that marks the flood,
Their flag to Aprils breeze unfurled,
Here the once embattled farmers stood,
And fired the shots heard round the world."

Home of the Lexington Minutemen
Lexington, MA

Sam, a boy who shared the significance of the Lexington Green behind him.

Minute Man Statue in Lexington, MA

Mile marker 902 ... Boston... July 4th

We arrived in Boston on the 4th of July! What a patriotic place and a patriotic day.

We celebrated with the Boston Pops and Richardson's Ice Cream...
our friends the Luchies in Michigan would be proud to know that their "mini" cup of deliciousness was a "Luchies" dip!
HUGE, YUMMY, and every single bite savored!

Bridges of many unique sizes and shapes

The Goerge Washington Bridge looking into Manhatten, NY.

At the foot of the "Old North Bridge"
where the first shots of the American Revolution were fired.
on the way to Boston - this one is in Hartford, Connecticut.

We can't even count how many bridges we crossed during our vacation -
on one day alone we crossed at least 10 that had to be paid for the most expensive one was $10 in NYC... the Verazano... we crossed on the bottom where we were reminded that no photo's were allowed - a good reminder of life's changes due to 9/11.
I think this one was my favorite.

1926 miles and counting...

Ellicottville, NY - our first stop on a long, fun trip to see many friends and family on the east coast...
on the road to Downsville NY - seeing the mountains always reminds me of the awesome power of God's creativity.
Mountain Laurel, Indian Pipe, and a friendly Newt found at a friends cabin (where they have to climb to a "certain spot" to get internet connection or phone service) - I love finding places like this in the US. While few and far between... it's refreshing to me (one who is NOT tied to the computer) to be "totally away"...
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Olivia turns 7!

My girl knew exactly what she wanted for a b-day cake this year... a chocolate stacked chocolate frosted cake with orange polk-a-dots! She got exactly what she asked for! That's a LOT of cake.

Note to self - only 1 box of cake will still feed 5!

has been a little crazy around here... June recognized ...

The school year ended in a frenzy of lasts... we made efforts to celebrate and recognize completed milestones.

Olivia read her 50 books and got to take a trip to the Ice Cream Parlour in Jackson! We loved the celebrations of a hot fudge sundae so much that we treated the Mathew's in Jackson to some cream too!