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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

OK - Shopping alone is crazy...

I guess since this is MY blog and not really about my kids I can vent... right!
My baby brother (who's not so much baby anymore... but I remember the day he was born!) is getting married. I thought that I had the outfit all picked out, and then I talked with my sheik sister and sister-in-law... both of whom - for the record are more fashionable than I ... but hey I don't mind. Then my whole idea of what is appropriate for a wedding goes flying out the window.

So, I find a few hours today - my husband is home for a few weeks of vacation from his crazy job downtown... and I have some other things to do out and about - with no children. Wild... I know since I have 3 of them! There is hardly ever time for me to do that... without them... not that I don't love them. OK so, I'm rambling... but I understand and you will to in a minute.

I "run" into Kohl's - it's where I got the skirt last season on clearance - it's the only kind of shopping I do these days... can't wait for the day when that gets to change. I'm looking for a lime green top to match the skirt (coordinate to be precise - since there is... whatever...) find one. It makes me look like I'm more than my age by a lot... and I think... hey, it'll do... but then my better thinking kicks in and I go looking... crazy... Then God in His utter goodness and creative love for me locates this (ok - not really in the flesh God, but he points me in the right direction) really cute perfect only one left in the store type top - just what I was envisioning when I started out! But then I need foundation stuff ... like I haven't had a black bra or camisole in years... and can I find one on clearance? Oh wait, where is the clearance rack for that department... like I'll be able to find stuff that will fit me, my tiny budget... and all wrapped up to go. Can you believe that it worked out? All for $30?! Then Steve says to me, "Honey, did you have fun?!"

Yeah right... I can't remember how to shop and enjoy it anymore. I've been doing this shoestring thing for so long that I can't remember what to look for and not be unsure of myself to make it work. So, when did I get too old to enjoy shopping and looking for options and great deals ... all at the same time of being fashion conscience?! Yikes.... Too much for my poor little brain to comprehend!

I'm thankful that my shopping doesn't make the world go around. :-)

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