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Friday, August 24, 2007

Now we can jump!

When do Mom's and Dad's become SO old that they can't remember how much fun it is to jump on the bed? I think that it's when they recall the song, How Many Monkey's Jumpin' on the Bed. And begin to worry about bumping heads or hands or other necessary body parts!

We built bunk beds for the girls last weekend when my best friend from college came to visit with her little girl. Ava was a trooper... sleeping in at least 2 different rooms while she was here... and my kids were troopers too while Daddy measured, and cut and sanded away to make the beds turn out beautifully. I'll get a picture of the finished product

The bed turned out pretty nearly as planned... except that the board to put the mattresses on weren't
cut exactly to perfection at the Home Store...
for a project that we did on our own, it's gonna look beautiful when the paint
jumps on just before our trip to Blue Gable for the summer end reunion with family.
I'm really proud of Steve for his ability to make something come together.

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Mathew Meanderings said...

Cute little monkeys!
I am looking forward to seeing the bunk beds. We were thinking of the same thing!

Bemily said...

Looks like too much fun at that house!
Can't wait to see the finished project!