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Thursday, September 4, 2008

1st Day in 1st Grade...

So, I think every parent is going through the emotions of relief that life will return to normal and fear that their child will not "be excited" about the new school year. Such turmoil.

I am in the same boat and perchance you might be there too.

Olivia went to 1st grade yesterday and she was excited... you would never have been able to tell... but she apparently had a GREAT DAY! So, she told our friend, Evelyn last night at Kids Klub! I'm thankful that she is excited to be a 1st grader.

Just a side note... Sophie is cutting 4 molars all at the same time and Simeon is really hoping that October will come quickly so that he can join in the preschool fun! What's Sophie going to do? She's going to "Mommy's School" :-)

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