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Monday, May 11, 2009

Firehouse Field Trip

Today was the "last parent day" of Simeon's preschool adventure... we've had fun together this year...
but today was the most fun, because he interacted with other adults and asked great questions (even if I have a biased opinion!).
He wondered why there were lights on the trucks...
he answered questions about what he thought things might be for... correctly without mom prompting him!
He is a curious little guy one that is happy to explore his own world and see why things work the way they do!

I think he migt be ready for kindergarten - I hope kindergarten is ready for him!
It was a treat to enjoy the morning watching you love learning...
I love you my son.

Fireman Simeon -
I wonder if the world is ready for what you've been made for?
I wonder if I'm ready for what you've been made to do...
if I'm not, look out world, here comes Simeon!
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Tamara said...

I love that picture of Simmy and the Fireman holding their thumbs up! So cute!