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Wednesday, December 2, 2009


When I was a girl my mom enjoyed painting ceramics. One year she spent a lot of time painting a pilgrim man and woman. They have decorated their home since then as a great reminder of being thankful.
This year, as I was getting ready for Thanksgiving, I found these plus an Indian man to decorate my home. I love that they are simple enough to not have faces, but detailed enough that you can see the honest labor of their hands and efforts. If it weren't for the Indians and Samoset along with his entire tribe our forefathers would not have made it to the spring to learn to plant and harvest. Having seen Plimoth Plantation this summer - these important people have earned a very new place of respect in my mind... yet even more than them - God has so richly blessed me that how could I NOT but sit and be grateful for so many things.
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