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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Kids, Coughing, Croup...

It can't be that I posted last in October... where did I loose a week! Well we've been a little busy these past 11 days. Simeon has been sick. Since, you can't give a little guy cough medicine anymore... I talked with another mom friend that uses homeopathic "stuff"... I think that it has shortened the cough and cold. But, now Sophie has croup. I remember watching an Anne of Green Gable's episode where a little girl had croup and Anne helped her along with some ipecac syrup... either way it's no fun.

So, Tamara, I understand what you're working with in sick girls... we're praying for you along with ours. Hang in there... I'm hoping for a few more hours of sleep than just 3 1/2 tonight!

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Bemily said...

Sister Sarah, it seems really weird not to going home for turkey day. We hope you all have fun. But save some room for us next time. Hope the kids are feeling better soon. See you at Christmas!!!