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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Our family...

These past few weeks have been some of my most "delicious" weeks for being a mom and a wife of the husband and children that I dearly love. I love watching my family become more of who God created them to be. The kids are becoming more able to do more on their own. For instance, tonight Sophie went to bed because she chose (really it was her decision!) to NOT eat her dinner - instead of having dessert with the rest of us... Olivia told on herself (from her classroom...) and has begun tallying times when she tattles... and Simeon has settled into the reality of being almost 4 (personally a favorite age) - he's pretty agreeable and WANTS to help out. Today we washed the diningroom walls and cupboards down! I nearly had a stroke when he Asked if he could help me clean! Steve is in the mode of becoming more of the Man God designed him as he stretches his dreams into uncharted territories. We'll see where they take us.
In all this, I'm just not sure where God has placed me... what am I becoming - besides a couped up woman who is longing for warmth, sunshine and warmer breezes that aren't followed by arctic blasts. :-) I'm not sad about this stage in my life where I am watching others "do more... go more... be more" but secretly I wish that I could stick to my decisions about being more healthy... keep away from me the Peanut M&M's they are NOT safe in my presense.
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