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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Update: Enduring Life

Hi -

It's me... and aside from the daily work and ins and outs of life as the mom of 3 beautiful children... life is pretty hard right now. Not sure if it's pms or if it's for real... just frustrating and hard to live by.

Some know that my Mr. finishes up with his course work in May... this as always brings on thoughts of new opportunities and locations. Normally not too scary... but this time around it's different - exciting and yet at the same time - somewhat overwhelming. Please pray with us during the next couple of months. We want to be following the right footsteps and following the One that we have said that we would follow. While the following part is not scary... and the idea that He will lead us is not scary... the parts that are - are the inbetween here and there parts.


Bemily said...

Praying for you guys! Missing you too! Looking forward to Tennesse this summer!

Mathew Meanderings said...

I am praying for you Sarah. God is good, and all you need.