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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Update on Life

Hey nothing special really going on here... just wanted to take a moment to post.

The kids are doing great - no real big changes for any of them - really.

Olivia is beginning to make her letters more clearly - and she has asked to be baptized!
Simeon is looking forward to his birthday - being 4 seems to look better than being 3. Not sure why... but hey a year older means that school is shortly around the corner - something that we all look forward to when your dad is a teacher and you've heard that mommy was too!
Sophie is into climbing on EVERYTHING - and trying out some of the tricks that looked pretty cool when Simi did them.

I've been preparing for a HUGE meeting this evening about Child Sexual Abuse - and how to prevent it ... YUCK!!! But I'm ready for it... got my power point project done and some sweets to give before talking about it. Hoping that it will "sweeten" the deal!

God is working in our lives and so that's a lot to celebrate - it means that He loves us after all.

Have gotten a lot of "rejection" letters in our hunt. But, we are NOT defeated - nor depressed.

It's looking more like spring here today especially. We might even walk to get Olivia... that would be fun! OK so maybe there are a lot of special things going on here... :-)


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