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Saturday, March 29, 2008

The week that was...

I posted earlier that it would be a wacky week with all the holiday celebrations including 2 birthdays. Well it lived up to every expectation ... and then some.

We enjoyed our St. Patty's day meal a day early - and with some friends around the table... there wasn't much corned beef left after we devoured it... but it sure was yummy.

Thursday was delightfully spent at a dear friends home - we haven't been able to spend much time together since we both have 3 lovelies... but we're going to spend more time in the coming year... Then Thursday night, we enjoyed a great Seder dinner complete with 15 lbs of carrots that we donated to the cause - they were peeled and preped for cooking in less than 45 minutes! WOW... Steve surprised me with dessert out after the kids were in bed for my birthday.

Friday we helped to set up a Holy Week walkthrough experience at church. It was really meaningful to many who attended. And, it was fun to spend time with another family friend setting up together. It snowed a great deal on Friday - and was pretty messy getting home. But well worth the wait and work to present it.

Saturday was a lot of prep time - easter eggs to dye, an Easter Eggstravaganza to help out with and a birthday cake to make for Simi... he did manage to make it to 4!

Since it was his birthday - we had gone shopping the week before and found some more Thomas the Train pieces... Daddy spent a bit of time making all the pieces fit and be able run the track! We've had a lot of fun with Thomas - all of us! Happy Birthday my son! I'm proud of the little man that you are becoming!

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