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Thursday, May 8, 2008

of conferences, kidney stones and congratulations

We've been participating in some great things lately - the kids would say otherwise... but - I thought I needed to update my blog a bit.

I played piano last month at a state-wide district church conference. It was so amazing to hear a full crowd singing while I participated. I lost my place in the music several times because it was so awesome to hear that many people all in one place singing! Heaven will be awesome!

The day after - Steve and I made a mad dash to the hospital with what we discovered later was kidney stones (several - in both sides). He's still packing one around with him.

Today is CMU's official graduation day - he finished up all his classwork, and is working today instead of celebrating completion of another degree. We decided to surprise him at work with flowers and balloons.

The garden is waiting to be planted, but my lavender from seed is sprouting quite nicely and we see signs of spring and soon summer all around us. Yippee!

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