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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Oh the woes of internet for those not of the digital generation...

My little adopted brother Caleb, was called in to rescue us from ourselves recently when we "switched" from high speed internet connection (formerly known as "") to the new fangled contraption known as digital... also known as other things.
Since we are NOT of the digital generation - also called "digital natives" these are new things for us to wrap our minds around... it's taken a while to get used to these new devices - and I'm sure that there will be many more things that we add to our lives to make them easier so that we have more time. My mind wanders back to our dear next door neighbor who never married, walked a few miles (down crazy windy, hilly roads in rural Michigan back in the day when a one room school house greeted her without heat for her day of work!) who still when she was in her late 90s washed her clothes in a wringer washer and hung them to dry. Boy did she make "the best" Chocolate Cream Pie... complete with a lard crust! What will our kids remember of us when we are old and feeble!

Thanks Caleb for rescuing us.Posted by Picasa

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