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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

More Tennesse Thoughts - Creation Museum

Have you ever wondered how Noah packed all those animals on the ark? I mean God instructed him to load 2 of every kind of animal and some a few more than just 2 for

sacrifice purposes. While there may be room in some people's mind for all kind of debate, the notion that the animals wouldn't, couldn't in an ark is what other kinds of some people settle on as a way to explain the whole notion of it's just not possible. But God... He's this really creative, Holy, wonder-ful creator and if He says it... EVERYTIME it's better to just obey instead of argue. So... where in the world do we need to see these pics with this little thought - Sarah?!

This is a "Zorse" and a "Zonkey"... notice that they both have the stripes of a zebra, but look more like a baby horse and a donkey?! Well, one of the leading thoughts from this museum... and among creation scientists is that perhaps Noah took types of species onto the ark, instead of what has been commonly accepted 2 horses, 2 donkey's, 2 zebras, 2 etc... and after the flood the animals took care of things just like God designed, thus we have horses, donkeys, zebras, and a whole array of other animals that are alike. Also a cool thought is that probably there were a lot of baby animals... smaller and more able to "fit" into Noah's floating zoo.

Interesting... check out their website and go visit if you get a chance - just try not to do it on a weekend. We did - and rubbed shoulders and other body parts with 10,000 plus visitors all day... a little overwhelming for our family... and we like people! :-)


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