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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Funny Tree Issues

OK - so we bought a "pre-lit" tree at the Church Yard Sale... only thing was that there were a "few lights" that needed some attention. Beautiful tree, minus the lights - except that most trees have lights on them.

One of Steve's absolute HATES in life is putting the lights on a tree... I know this so, in my mind a pre-lit tree is a great solution. Problem... only 3 of the 12 strings of lights on this tree work. He put in 2 hours in our pre-condition agreement to purchasing this tree... that HE would work on making the lights ready for Christmas. (The yard sale was in June). By the time that time was done 7 of the strings were working.

Now, in December... children impationately waiting to decorate a tree... already "put off for one day" by watching How the Grinch Stole Christmas, we are ready to decorate. Problem... all the lights that were working are now not. UGLY!

We managed to get the tree decorated and we are still talking and I will never ask Steve to do the tree again! The things you learn once you get married and are for a few years - almost 10!

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