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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Mile marker 935 ... Lexington/ Concord MA

Two patriot volunteers who led a group of people in an intriguing dialogue on why the American Revolution was such a pivotal piece in our history.
Sadly, there were many there who could not recall important parts of our history...
If a nation does not know what it stands on, how long will it take for it to fall?
It was a challenging moment for me as well as a few other of us that heard the conversation.
The kids probably don't know why in the world Mom and Dad would be interested in seeing this bridge - but one day, we'll make sure they do!
The Old North Bridge,
Concord, MA

"By the rude bridge that marks the flood,
Their flag to Aprils breeze unfurled,
Here the once embattled farmers stood,
And fired the shots heard round the world."

Home of the Lexington Minutemen
Lexington, MA

Sam, a boy who shared the significance of the Lexington Green behind him.

Minute Man Statue in Lexington, MA

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