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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Mile marker 1050 ... Plimoth Plantation, Plymouth MA

I have wonderful friends in this world. On the day we chose to see Plimoth Plantation (a place I have dreamed of seeing since I was a school girl) it was rainy, drizzly, and cool. assured us that there would be a respite in the weather, so we pressed on... picking up the good doctor after he'd logged some office hours... we arrived in a rain shower and it subsided a bit after lunch enough that we could explore the Wampanoag Homesite.These boys were demonstrating how to tie a fish net.

Then on to the 1627 English Village.
  • Sophie playing near a hen house that was being "mudded" - they were adding dirt, clay, dung, and straw in between the cracks of wood so that it would be able to stay dry during the rain and snow!
  • A single chamber home
  • Outdoor oven - baking for a family happened only once a week (maybe)
  • A wood mound -wood piled in a ring with extra pieces tossed into the middle and then mounded for stackability
  • Simeon feeding the goats
  • The Shepardess
  • a colonial garden

It all felt really surreal as I explored and feasted my eyes on things that my head had only imagined seeing for many years. I loved every second of it (except the ones that I was wondering wether everyone else was having as much fun as me) ... though I think that I would more easily have lived a few years forward - maybe in 1676.

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Pam said...

Sarah - your blog is really fun! Such a great compilation of your beautiful family and the fun you have.