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Thursday, October 8, 2009

August - A Fort-tuituos Weekend

As a little girl I loved going to historical sites with my family. I remember several trips to the site of Fort Miami (Fort Wayne, IN) which in the 1750s was one of the furthest outposts of the "west." As fortune would have it - or maybe just a girls dream... I spent some fun Friday evenings and Saturdays as well in the early 90s (circa. 1900s) 'playing' at the same Fort that I adventured to as a child. Sadly, the Fort closed in the 90s due to lack of funding... and so I packed up my clothes and figured that days of play had passed.

Major Whistler's Kitchen was a fun time to enjoy fire cooked foods and retrieve some skills of cooking that aren't often used!

Then, a friend of mine Catherine invited my family of now 5 to come and play at the fort during the weekend in August... amidst a flurry of sewing for 4... and outfitting 4 others and updating my clothes (time is merciless) we made it a weekend of much fun exploring a lot of new things for each of us in our house it was a different memory - but one thing has remained consistent... we all fell in love some for the first time and for me a renewed love of history... and being a part of sharing it.our borrowed quarters for the weekend

Sophie running across the parade ground... notice her barefeet!

Needless to say - there will be more memories for the family spent around 'playing' at history. George Santanya said, “Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it”... hopefully my children will learn from these glimpses of our American hertitage passed and bring some valuable lessons into the 21st century.

the world through the 21st century eyes of lovely children...
playing dress up in the 18th century

the newest powder monkey and his 3 lovely children -
no man ever had such a cheering section!

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