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Thursday, October 8, 2009

August - Selfridge Air National Guard Air Show

Simeon has said when he grows up he wants to be a 'spaceman,' a 'football guy' a fireman and maybe a soccer guy... we laugh when he says that these are just the things he wants to be... but somehow since he's been making these declarations he always comes back to the spaceman or the outer-space guy or the astronaut. We've only heard about the Air Show but never been able to go to it... except this year, we made it... the kids had a great time. We learned a ton of things - and Simeon got to talk to some people that work for NASA and we also got to explore a lot of different air planes. It was fun to experience a first time thing for our kids through their eyes. And, I must say - that even weeks after the experience, Sim hasn't stopped mentioning things that he learned... just maybe God has impressed on his little boy heart what he was made to do - explore the heavens.

a robot used to detect and un-arm an IED in Iraq -
they are maneuvered by a gameboy control... so there is a purpose for all those silly games!

Inside an army helicopter - we did have to remind him to not touch anything!

the girls were exploring just as much as Simeon was - this was their first time in an airplane... and it had a movie screen in the seat in front!

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