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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Blue Gable

In what has become almost a family tradition... yikes... we gathered again this year at Marble Lake in Michigan for time to close the summer! It was fun to see family (we missed Texas Duo) but kept tabs with them via the cell phones that worked this year around the lake!

My tribe camped out in a tent borrowed and initiated for the maiden voyage of tentage from some dear friends. We had a blast setting up and playing Canasta Caliente! late into the night trying to help dad stay awake until the clock struck 11! Pretty late for a "Mathew Niner!"

Though something kicked us all in the patuties - and the puick fest began, we still managed to get the cottage and tent back into running order ... It was amazing to watch the majority of 16 family members get sick... not a recommended for viewing pleasure movie though. At last count 13 have "gotten the whatever it is" crud...

Here are some shots of the cousins playing in the sand and then a few shots of the kids in the tent that we borrowed.

Happy end of summer tradition! We love Blue Gable!

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Bemily said...

We missed being there... I guess we just didn't want to get sick! It looks like it was a lot of fun! Lots and lots of little ones! Miss you!