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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

More finishing touches...

3 weeks ago... with Steve in class (BTW he finishes up in May!) and me with 3 kids for the weekend there was a lot of time and space to fill. Olivia has outgrown the hand-me-downs for a little while... so we were in need of some clothes. Joann's was having an incredible clearance sale... so we invested. My mom taught me how to sew and I have her old "worn out" Viking Sewing machine.

Her machine and sewing talents have put together almost countless beautiful gowns for various occassions - not excluding wedding dresses and prom dresses as well as Easter dresses! So, I figured there might be enough get up and go in the machine for a few more dresses for my girls. To date we have made 3 jumpers (one for me too) a skirt and a fleece (for me!) Pictures will be posted soon .... umm... just like the one of the bunk beds that are still holding up beautifully!

It's been fun to create and do the mom kinds of things that my mom used to do for us. Thanks Mom!

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